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I cannot just wear a sari. Then one day Rajesh told me that he has decided to go to a male gynecologist who is an expert in infertility cases in the city again. My ears turned red instantly hearing this. At that point I was i ndeed trying my best to avoid probing my body by a male gynecologist, but little could I guess that this ashram visit would actually be a shameful remembrance f or me lifelong. Any male would love to see a matured woman in that compromising pose. Don t be shy and do not hide anything.

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I was nude in a flash and was much relieved opening that tight blouse thoug h a couple of hooks were open throughout Nirmal s presence. But Master-ji I wear 32 size. I asked her to come inside. They went to him, took diksha and his herbal medica tions changed their lives. Nirmal was flirting with me I realized, but to my surprise I was enjo ying his words!